Business Focus

The Windham Companies are currently acquiring and developing land for residential development throughout select markets in Florida. Windham's developments are tailored to meet the demands of the top public and privately held homebuilders who honor us by selecting our communities to build within.


Our skill in acquiring, planning, entitling, and developing land leave a legacy of beautiful communities for generations to come, and returns healthy profits for our investors.


Windham also manages communities and golf courses including the multiple award winning Magnolia Landing Golf and Country Club.


Investment Criteria

Property is our pipeline for growth. The property entitlement and development process is very complex and highly regulated. Many approvals are necessary at various levels of government. We evaluate properties based on potential profitability. We strive to obtain control of parcels that offer higher density, which yields reduced development costs. Many of these parcels may be in older urban / inner-ring suburban areas where there is the ability to redevelop a property into a residential community. Others may be in the "greenfields" of the outer-ring suburbs that offer an opportunity for planned developments.


We generally will look at properties based upon the number of housing units we can achieve and the given density allowable by the community. We then back into a price per unit that we can afford to pay based upon our return requirements. We have many builder clients and partners that we are associated with to move the project forward.