Stone Water

An Award Winning Eco-Redevelopment Project

Stonewater is Northville Township Michigan's, most magnificent waterfront community. Stonewater began with a passion to reclaim the landscape and today few communities anywhere in the world can compare with the environment that has emerged. Six shimmering lakes and a gently ambling trout stream provide tranquil vistas of unmatched beauty. Sandy beaches, quiet parkland and winding pedestrian passages enhance an ambiance of unmistakable privilege. The results add to Windham's legacy of environmental responsibility and development vision. At Stonewater, Windham Development Corporation has reclaimed the landscape and restored a once badly damaged piece of land to absolutely pristine condition. Recognized by the Building Industry Association of Michigan, Stonewater was named Development of the Year, 2002.

The story of Stonewater, and the restoration of Stonewater creek

The site was formerly a 366-acre gravel mining operation and had been badly damaged by illegal and environmentally irresponsible use. Acquired in the summer of 1996 by Windham Development Corporation and its partner The Moceri Companies, it underwent one of the largest privately funded environmental restorations involving a waterway in the State of Michigan's history. It was then redeveloped into a multiple award winning $350 million US dollar development of 424 single-family homes. Nearly every home site offers either lakefront or lake views of one of Stonewater's six shimmering lakes.