Mr. Pawlacyk has a half-century of Engineering and Surveying experience, and holds a Professional Land Surveyor license. Mr. Pawlacyk was a principal of Giffels Webster Engineers the largest engineering company in Michigan beginning in 1963 and ending in 1997. He oversaw the land surveying and construction engineering departments there.

In 1997 he served as Chief Project Engineer when Windham and the Moceri companies collaborated together on the multiple award winning Stonewater Project.  Mr. Pawlacyk was instrumental in helping solving complex environmental problems that existed on the project land, and the result was the successful completion of the one of the largest privately funded environmental restoration of a waterway in the State of Michigan history.

Mr. Pawlacyk serves as Chief Engineer for Windham Development and is involved in the planning, engineering, and site supervision of our projects.


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